A New Old-Fashioned, Courtesy of Mohawk Bend

A New Old-Fashioned, Courtesy of Mohawk Bend

What do U.S. President Harry S. Truman, Don Drapper, Huck Finn, and an Echo Park hipster have in common?  A cocktail, of course!

The Old-Fashioned — a titillating marriage of ice, sugar, bitters, whiskey, and fruit garnish, circa 1880s Kentucky — receives an updated, creative twist at Mohawk Bend.

Cheekily named the “New Old-Fashioned,” every sip deserves another.

The magical ingredients:

  • Fog’s End Monterrey Rye
  • Muddled orange & brandied cherries
  • Sugar cube
  • Miracle Mile Forbidden Bitters

In celebration of being open every night of the week now (hurray!), have one on a Mohawk Monday.

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