1926 Whitmore Avenue

It’s a strange dilemma to live on a property where both the main home and guest home are similar in size (cozy) and aesthetic (modern). What does one do? Do you just live in both and pick which kitchen you want to have dinner in for the night? Do you rent one out? But then you actually have to decide which unit you prefer. Thankfully, you really won’t go wrong with either here.

1926 whitmore exterior

For the small introductory Echo Park price of $629,000 you get two small homes from architect Leigh Jerrard. And while the homes were originally built in 1922, so much has been done to them they may as well be new. In addition to the wonderful maple hardwood floors and large decks, you also have a new roof, plumbing, custom cabinetry, and HVAC, along with high-end appliances and fixtures.

1926 whitmore kitchen 2 1926 whitmore living 1.5

Of the two homes, this first one definitely has a more Scandinavian modern feel to it than the other.  While the vaulted ceiling opens up an otherwise smaller living space, the exposed beams do a nice job of adding some texture and warmth.

1926 Whitmore living 11926 Whitmore dining

Light pours in from every direction, which also helps improve the feeling of space. Is it just me or is anyone else getting a major craving for Swedish meatballs and FroYo?

1926 whitmore bath 2 1926 whitmore bed 2

If I had to choose between this main home, or the guest home — I’d take the guest. While smaller and darker, there is a certain je ne sais quoi and the lower wood ceiling creates a warmth that I find lacking in the other house.

1926 whitmore living 2

There is also a bit more of a mid-century cabin-ish vibe happening here as well. If the first home is Sweden in summer, this one is Sweden in winter. Does that even make sense?

1926 whitmore kitchen 1926 whitmore bed

1926 whitmore bath

Regardless of my strange musings, both homes offer big character in tiny boxes. It’s up to you to decide which character you prefer more.

1926 Whitmore porch

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Michael Locke of Deasy Penner & Partners has the listing



1632 Cerro Gordo Street

Are you a member of a large urban family with a very particular set of beliefs? Do you have/want a large family? Have you almost reached “cult-like” status, but just need somewhere to set up shop? Your prayers (to who/whatever) have been answered. Welcome to 1632 Cerro Gordo Street.

1632 Cerro Gordo Front

The listing is calling this home a Mid-Century, and I’m sure somewhere along the lines it fit that designation, but what you really have are 2 homes, or 3 units that together comprise of nearly 3,000 square feet. It’s on the cusp of compound status, at least by Echo Park standards and especially for the price tag of $959,000.

1632 Cerro Gordo Office

Typically, by this point, I’ll start taking you room by room to show off all the incredible features the property offers, but it’s hard to tell where one home ends and another begins. With each being filled with–character–it’s hard to focus, but let’s give it a shot.

1632 Cerro Gordo Hall

This urban compound consists of a 2 bedroom, 1 bath upfront, with a separate duplex which features two 1 bed, 1 bath units. As for which one does or does not get the green floor, well your guess is as good as mine.

1632 Cerro Gordo Living

1632 Cerro Gordo Kitchen

If you love green outdoors as much as you do indoors, well consider yourself lucky because there is a lot of it for privacy. I believe the chair shown below is known as the “seat of degradation,” and could probably be worked into the inclusions.

1632 Cerro Gordo Chair

There is also plenty of additional space for backyard barbecues or any other shenanigans.

1632 Cerro Gordo Porch

No matter what, though, one thing you can’t complain about is the view.

1632 Cerro Gordo Balcony

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Rents for both the 2+1 and the 1+1 total $4,300 per month, with the lower 1+1 delivered vacant at close of escrow.

Andrew Maleski of ACM Properties has the listing.

1621 Armitage Street

As L.A. goes, Echo Park is an old neighborhood. With many homes hovering just above or just below the century mark, it’s a testament to the original builders that so many have stood the test of time and remain not only in use, but desired. On the flip side of that, one can only say so much when another tastefully updated model comes to market.

1621 Armitage Front

1621 Armitage is indeed tasty. Built in 1930 this 3 bedroom, 2 bath home sits just shy of 1,700 square feet and comes to market for $829,000. While that may have seemed high just a year ago, it is becoming par for the course.

1621 Armitage Living

Head in and you are greeted to an ideal example of an open floor plan — with the kitchen, dining, family, and living room all coming together in one grand living space.

1621 Armitage fireplace

The kitchen has been updated to include custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances (no end in sight for this trend), quartz countertops and something called a “live wood” ash slab. Does it grow? Does it go by the name Groot?

1621 Armitage kitchen1621 Armitage Slab

The master bedroom is masterful enough being bright, airy, and even offers a small deck off the side to air dry your bits if one so desires.

1621 Armitage Master

The other bedrooms are comfortably sized. As a side note, let’s stop and appreciate the color coordinating of all three rooms by the stager. Snazzy.

1621 Armitage Bed 2 1621 Armitage Bed 3

When it comes to remodels, bathrooms seem to be one place that most liberties are taken. While I tend to prefer those that go the more original route, many prefer a modern take. Regardless, this is certainly no deal breaker.

1621 Armitage bath

Unfortunately no photos are provided of the second bathroom, but one would assume that it has been updated just like everything else. Same goes for a laundry room, as well as a bonus room that can be used as a studio, or possibly a timeout room for unruly children.

1621 Armitage balcony

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Alexander Trevino of Trevino Properties has the listing.

2339 Vestal Avenue

Echo Park isn’t necessarily the wild Eastside frontier it was just a decade back but, at 2339 Vestal, that’s not to say you can’t pretend.

2339 Vestal Front

Break out your rocker, grab your rifle, and you’ll be stoopin’ like a prospector in no time. Old West jokes aside, thankfully the cabin-esque look of the porch ends outside, as inside you’re treated to a beautiful traditionally designed turn-of-the-century bungalow.

2339 Vestal Porch

There is a surprising amount of house for the $729,000 asking price. In addition to having 3 bedrooms, 1.75 bathrooms and an office coming to 1,275 square feet, there is also that rarity of west coast homes — a basement.

2339 Vestal Living

Design details include dark hardwood flooring throughout, along with rich wood details like the framing around the windows in the office.

2339 Vestal Office

The spacious kitchen has been updated with enough counter space to skin a rabbit. Oh, yes, it also includes new stainless steel appliances and a service bar, which would most likely serve said rabbit as a ravioli with brown butter.

2339 Vestal Kitchen

The bedrooms are each comfortably sized and comparable in square feet of each other. The en suite master is located upfront, and thankfully has the bathrooms as a buffer to the guest rooms, which strangely have a connecting door like neighboring hotel rooms.

2339 Vestal master

2339 Vestal bed 2

2339 Vestal bed 3

The master has a full bath while the second bathroom is just a shower, though both do a nice job of blending some simple Scandinavian design with this perfectly aged bungalow.

2339 Vestal bath 1

2339 Vestal bath 2

Head out back and you’re greeted by the right mix of mature flora and the open vista views one would expect from a hilltop perch. And–oh yes–lots of wood, cowboy.

2339 Vestal back porch

2339 Vestal Layout

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Courtney N. Smith of Nourmand & Associates has the listing.

1945 Cerro Gordo Street

There are many positives to living in the hills of Silver Lake, Elysian Heights, and the like. The streets are predominantly residential and light on traffic, which helps keep neighborhoods quiet, not to mention a lot of trees that help keep temperatures down and privacy up. If there is one issue with these homes, it’s finding adequate parking. With a 4 car garage at 1945 Cerro Gordo Street that shouldn’t be a problem – BOOYAH. And that is far from its greatest feature, but simply the most glaringly obvious.

1945 Cerro Gordo Front

Asking just shy of $1.1 million this 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom 1910 Craftsman has been updated all around with rich, dark (new) antique hardwood floors, custom tiles, shaker cabinets, marble countertops and stainless steel appliances. But being more than just the sum of its parts, it’s how it all comes together — in a large, airy grand room that brings together the living, family, kitchen and dining rooms.

1945 Cerro Gordo Grand room

1945 Cerro Gordo Kitchen

With vaulted ceilings and sky lights littered throughout, the room is filled with lots of natural light. Beyond the superficial upgrades, other updates include water sprinklers, recessed lighting, a new electrical panel, new HVAC, copper plumbing, and vinyl windows.

1945 Cerro Gordo Living

The large master, much like the rest of the home, gets higher ceilings and French doors that lead out to a large deck and incredible views… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

1945 Cerro Gordo Master

When it comes to trend spotting, one thing we’re seeing a lot of in master bathrooms are extra large wall-to-wall showers with multiple shower heads, and that is the case here. The large shower includes both a rain shower and one with a removal head.

1945 Cerro Gordo Bath 1

The guest rooms and second bathroom are far more traditional in size and features, though that is hardly a knock with a place this stunning.

1945 Cerro Gordo Guest 1945 Cerro Gordo Bath 2

For a home with so much going on inside, you’d think that was enough, but head outside and you have a sprawling wrap-around deck that encourages indoor/outdoor entertaining.

1945 Cerro Gordo Porch 1 1945 Cerro Gordo Deck 1

Said deck also comes with stunning views of the Hollywood sign, Hollywood Hills, Griffith Observatory, and DTLA.

1945 Cerro Gordo Deck 2 1945 Cerro Gordo View

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718 -1110.

Paul Stukin of the John Aaroe Group has the listing.