2300 Avon Street

Smooth grey stucco. Words you rarely hear together–particularly in a positive light–and yet, checking out this 2 bedroom, 1 bath 1937 traditional, I find it oddly appealing.

2300 Avon Front

If anyone is wondering whether Silver Lake prices have made their way into Echo Park, let this $749,000 home be an example. Sure that’s on the lower end of Silver Lake, but this thing is priced to sell and will probably end up somewhere north of the price tag.

2300 Avon Living

At just over 1,000 square feet, you’re getting a home that’s been updated enough with the basics, like central air and heat, while maintaining original details such as hardwood floors, crown molding, and built-ins. The dining area is small, but with French doors leading out to a large deck, there is plenty of space to expand.

2300 Avon Dining

With regard to the kitchen, I must ask, have we reached peak white cabinet/faux butcher block yet? Yes, it’s a timeless look that works here, but at this point it would be great to see some out-of-the-box ideas. A simple color, maybe a light olive green would also look nice, no?

2300 Avon Kitchen 2300 Avon Kitchen 2

The bedrooms are more than adequate in size, with both offering plenty of natural light. Additionally, I also have to compliment the choice of light fixtures–whether in the bedrooms, dining room or kitchen–each one is unique yet maintains a general theme throughout the home. Well done.

2300 Avon Master 2300 Avon Bed

The bathroom is a perfect example of an update done right. What I mean by that is they left the period details alone. Sure you could Ikea-fy it, which happens far too often, but the red and pink tile are adorable, and we don’t mess with adorable things.

2300 Avon Bath

There is a cool “studio” space built into the garage for all the artsy self-employed people to work in peace. Or, if you have a normal day job, a comfortable place to decompress.

2300 Avon Garage 2300 Avon Man Cave

Outside things get a bit mixed. For those who love the look of lush gardens, an ample amount of the front and backyard comprises of zoysiagrass (Korean lawn grass), while a nice portion allows for drought-tolerant, decomposed granite. I guess it shows you care a bit to have the best of both.

2300 Avon Yard

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Edward Faktorovich of Figure 8 Realty has the listing.

1919 Cerro Gordo Street

The description for this home may call it Silver Lake, but the boundary lines tell another story – 1919 Cerro Gordo Street is all Echo Park, baby! Why they be hatin’? Maybe they are worried that the nearly $1.3 million asking price is just wee-high for Echo Park? Possibly, but I’d say it has a good chance.

1919 Cerro Gordo Front 1919 Cerro Gordo Front 2

Built on a large 7,500 square lot, this boxy 1908 Craftsman has been thoroughly renovated and modernized with new (antique) wide-plank hardwood floors, central HVAC, recessed lighting, tankless water heater and copper plumbing — the full lobotomy.

1919 Cerro Gordo Living

The downstairs area is pretty open with the living room, dining room, and kitchen all sharing one large space. Said kitchen features a center island with breakfast bar, Shaker cabinets, marble counters, and stainless steel appliances.

1919 Cerro Gordo Living:Dining

There are also numerous French doors found throughout both floors of the home, all of which lead out to 4 decks that offer a combined 270 degrees of views from DTLA and Hollywood, the Southbay, and Century City. Now may be the time to invest in a telescope. Or, at least, really nice binoculars.

1919 Cerro Gordo Other Balcony

Upstairs offers a cozy den/office area along with vaulted ceilings with access to another deck.

1919 Cerro Gordo Loft

While the home offers 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms we’ve only been able to find photos of the master suite. Apparently, it’s just good knowing there are in fact 2 other bedrooms and bathrooms, because after you see the suite, you won’t care what they look like either.

1919 Cerro Gordo Master 1919 Cerro Gordo Balcony 1919 Cerro Gordo Bath

Amiright? Vaulted ceilings, large glass shower with marble and tile throughout, and a sprawling deck with amazing views. When you’ve got this, who cares about those “other” bedrooms. It’s also nice knowing there is terraced yard space, giving you multiple locations for nude sunbathing.

1919 Cerro Gordo Terrace

This is a beautiful home that should do Echo Park proud.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Paul Stukin of John Aaroe Group has the listing.


1907 Berkeley Avenue

It gets hard trying to find a new angle to write about another remodeled Echo Park bungalow. That’s not to detract from what we have here in front of us, as it is another welcome specimen, but only the laments of this here author. Anyway, moving on…

1907 Berkeley Front

Right off the bat, I like the grey exterior with the striking red door. Red is the color of power and it helps makes this 1,016 square foot 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath home stand tall. And, with an optimistic asking price of $765,000, it’s going to need it.

1907 Berkeley Living

Originally built in 1923, much has been done to bring this up to date, while still keeping its charm intact. Hardwood floors can be found throughout, along with industrial light fixtures, and high-end amenities like a Nest thermostat.

1907 Berkeley Kitchen

Those sentiments carry over to the spacious (relatively) kitchen and dining area. New stainless steel appliances complement the white cabinet, butcher block look counters, and farmhouse sink.

1907 Berkeley Dining

For a smaller home of this era, the bedrooms seem larger than one typically finds. Nothing really out of the ordinary here, though I am a fan of the light fixture.

1907 Berkeley Bed 2 1907 Berkeley Bed 1

The bathroom (photo of half bath not available) with its claw-foot tub and abundant tile, work very well with the modern touch of a trough-shaped sink. Hopefully, some inebriated individual will not mistake it for a urinal.

1907 Berkeley Bath

Outside you’ll find a concrete fire pit flanked by a redwood fence with some healthy shrubbery, which together make this outdoor space the right kind of intimate.

1907 Berkeley Yard

For a private showing, contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Paulina Manessi of Keller Williams Beverly Hills has the listing.

1902 North Alvarado Street

Those rascals at Sunia Homes are at it again. With every new development we’re seeing an uptick in both price and clout, though they continue to bring clean, environmentally sound architectural homes to Echo Park — and this one may be their best yet.

1902 Alvarado Front 1902 Alvarado Front 2

Located at 1902 North Alvarado in Elysian Heights this 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath expands just beyond 2,100 square feet. And while its forward face may be short on windows, make no mistake, this $1.265M abode most certainly opens up inside.

1902 Alvarado Living 1902 Living 2

At this point it’s easy to point out those Sunia Home traits such as a particularly smart use of space, bright wide-plank hardwood floors (in this case a lovely French oak), a penchant for indoor/outdoor living with a somewhat Scandinavian vibe, and a very environmentally sound philosophy.

1902 Alvarado Deck 1902 Alvarado Hall

This home was built for clean living of the highest order. Solar panels on the roof, with pre-installed EV charging, are already there for your Tesla or BMW “i” series needs. But wait! You also get drought-tolerant landscaping, rainwater harvesting, SIP insulated panels and energy efficient Bosch appliances. Cake, eaten.

1902 Alvarado Master

1902 Alvarado Bed

The rooms are bright, airy, and comfortably sized. More to the point, they also provide excellent views.

1902 Alvarado Bath

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Click here for more photos.

Marcus McInerney of Adaptive Realty has the listing.

1926 Whitmore Avenue

It’s a strange dilemma to live on a property where both the main home and guest home are similar in size (cozy) and aesthetic (modern). What does one do? Do you just live in both and pick which kitchen you want to have dinner in for the night? Do you rent one out? But then you actually have to decide which unit you prefer. Thankfully, you really won’t go wrong with either here.

1926 whitmore exterior

For the small introductory Echo Park price of $629,000 you get two small homes from architect Leigh Jerrard. And while the homes were originally built in 1922, so much has been done to them they may as well be new. In addition to the wonderful maple hardwood floors and large decks, you also have a new roof, plumbing, custom cabinetry, and HVAC, along with high-end appliances and fixtures.

1926 whitmore kitchen 2 1926 whitmore living 1.5

Of the two homes, this first one definitely has a more Scandinavian modern feel to it than the other.  While the vaulted ceiling opens up an otherwise smaller living space, the exposed beams do a nice job of adding some texture and warmth.

1926 Whitmore living 11926 Whitmore dining

Light pours in from every direction, which also helps improve the feeling of space. Is it just me or is anyone else getting a major craving for Swedish meatballs and FroYo?

1926 whitmore bath 2 1926 whitmore bed 2

If I had to choose between this main home, or the guest home — I’d take the guest. While smaller and darker, there is a certain je ne sais quoi and the lower wood ceiling creates a warmth that I find lacking in the other house.

1926 whitmore living 2

There is also a bit more of a mid-century cabin-ish vibe happening here as well. If the first home is Sweden in summer, this one is Sweden in winter. Does that even make sense?

1926 whitmore kitchen 1926 whitmore bed

1926 whitmore bath

Regardless of my strange musings, both homes offer big character in tiny boxes. It’s up to you to decide which character you prefer more.

1926 Whitmore porch

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Michael Locke of Deasy Penner & Partners has the listing