1953 North Alvarado Street

Surrounded by evergreens on a corner lot, this Traditional, Craftsman-esque home at 1953 North Alvarado Street, has the look of something more fitting in Palo Alto rather than Elysian Park. It also isn’t flashy, preferring the quietly understated look, almost as though it knows good and well that it’s nearly $1 million price tag is worth it, without having to tell the world.

1953 N. Alvarado Front

With 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and just shy of 2,000 sq./ft., the interior of the home doesn’t divert much from initial outward impressions. Hardwood floors, exposed beams, and a working brick fireplace greet you upon entry. Not sure why, but this feels like the ideal room to spend a Thanksgiving or Christmas evening in.

1953 N. Alvarado Living

A short flight of stairs, and a turn right, guides you to the rest of the living area, including a substantial kitchen and dining room perfect for large parties. Stainless steel appliances, including an oversized Frigidaire stove, bring a modern touch to an otherwise traditional kitchen.

1953 N. Alvarado Kitchen:Dining

Both guest bedrooms are on the first floor and share a full bathroom. Neither one could be called a penalty box–with each offering a fair amount of space, plenty of light, and separate doors to the outside (maybe not the best perk if you have teenage kids).

1953 N. Alvarado Bed 1953 N. Alvarado Foyer 1953 N. Alvarado Bed 2

The master suite takes up the entire second floor and features massive bay windows, a gigantic bathroom with both a walk-in shower and hot tub, along with a small balcony for taking in those downtown views.

1953 N. Alvarado Master 1953 N. Alvarado Master Bath

Outside, you’ll find a large patio area surrounded by a fair amount of drought-resistant fauna that help lend a decent amount of privacy.

1953 N. Alvarado Deck 1953 N. Alvarado nook

Clifford Street Elementary, a previously awarded National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2009, is assigned to the residence — an added bonus.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Peter Maurice of Rodeo Realty Beverly Hills has the listing.

1376 Laveta Terrace

I’m not sure whether it’s a good sign or not when the first thing that pops in my head while writing this post is “livin’ Laveta Terrace” set to Ricky Martin’s “Livin’ la vida Loca.” Let that sink in for a moment. I guess it’s all subjective, really. On the plus side, you don’t have to be loco to find this home–and its income properties–charming.

1376 Laveta Front

With drought tolerant plants upfront, this sufficiently maintained 2 bedroom, 1 bath Elysian Heights bungalow (why it’s listed as an A-frame is mind boggling), with a separate two unit 1bed, 1 bath duplex, comes to market at a respectable $760,000.

1376 Laveta Living

Being honest, this home is in good, but not mint condition, though you are working with something that offers plenty of upside potential. The living room is large, with hardwood floors, a sizable fireplace and plenty of windows. Additionally, the dining area is substantial with well-maintained original built-in cabinets.

1376 Laveta Dining

The kitchen definitely needs some updating but, on the bright side, you have the option of keeping much of the original charm around. Subway tiles were a nice touch then, and still look good now.

1376 Laveta Kitchen

Both the master and second bedrooms are a healthy size, but again both need a little work.

1376 Laveta Master

As unfortunate as it may be, the “Tropic Thunder” poster collection does not come with the unit, though I am sure there is room for negotiation.

1376 Laveta Den

One room that needs little work done to it is the bathroom, with its white tiles all around and newer sink.

1376 Laveta Bath

The additional units have a similar aesthetic to the main home.

1376 Laveta Income Living 1376 Laveta Income Kitchen

1376 Laveta Income Bath

While not perfect, there is a lot of potential here.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or (213) 718-1110.

Alexis Hall of Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage has the listing.

2153 Ewing Street

Sitting right at the Silver Lake/Echo Park cusp is this 2 bedroom, 1 bath dwelling at 2153 Ewing Street. It’s been a little while since we’ve featured a small bungalow such as this on our site and I, for one, am always happy to see such prime examples. A year away from being a century old, this one is aging quite gracefully.

2153 Ewing St. Front

While the home is small at just 920 square feet, at 7,500 sq/ft the lot is a healthy size with a good mix of outdoor living area and mature landscaping, with all of this reflected in its $599,000 asking price.

2153 Ewing St. Living

The inside has been respectfully updated, yet not enough to take away those cherished period details that let you know this home has history. The kitchen may include newer appliances and cabinetry, but that turn-of-the-century charm remains.

2153 Ewing St. Kitchen

Three walls of wrap-around windows do wonders to help open up an otherwise cramped dining area.

2153 Ewing St. Dining

The master and second bedrooms are period cozy (read: small), but each has a ceiling fan, and they both look stellar with the master also receiving beautifully detailed wrap-around windows, while the guest bedroom gets dark wood window panes and matching closet.

2153 Ewing St. Master 2153 Ewing St. Bed

The bathroom looks almost unchanged from how it probably originally appeared with wood paneling lining the walls and a matching white porcelain pedestal sink and claw foot tub. Only the mirror feels out of place.

2153 Ewing St. Bath

And, though there isn’t much more to do within the home, outside offers much, much more.

2153 Ewing St. Porch

The large, partially covered outdoor deck offers both city views and plenty of room for al fresco entertaining. If too many people happen to respond to your invite, there is enough room in the yard to allow for them to spread out, from an outdoor stone terrace to a flat yard space with even more room for additional seating.

2153 Ewing St. yard 2153 Ewing St. Studio Ext.

And, of course, no Eastside home is completely without a prerequisite detached bonus room — it’s practically spot-on for this side of town, and this example seems sufficiently substantial.

2153 Ewing St. Studio Int.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or (213) 718-1110.

Tracy Do of John Aaroe Group has the listing.


1528 Marsden Street

Full disclosure: living on Marsden Street has zero association, affiliation or history with the chisel-jawed actor, James Marsden — sorry. Glad we got that cleared up. On the plus side, what you’re getting is a lovely traditional 1940s 3 bedroom, 1.75 bath home with plenty of updates.

1528 Marsden Front

In case you’re wondering, those are apple trees lining the walkway.  As is becoming par for EP, we’re seeing close to a million dollars for homes such as this, with this particular 1,500+ sq/ft unit coming up for $865,000, which seems a tad high for a market that’s been cooling off slightly.

1528 Marsden Living

A sizable living area, with refinished light hardwood flooring, greats you upon entry. The home has also been updated with central air & heat, dual pane windows and a new sewer line (advertised as clog free until 2033!).

1528 Marsden Kitchen

There is a natural flow from the living room, to the dining area, and ultimately to the updated galley kitchen with granite countertops, gas range, the ever necessary stainless steel appliances and  more than enough cabinetry.

1528 Marsden Master 1528 Marsden Bath

The master bedroom is comfortably-sized with a private bath that includes a pedestal sink and a super duper green shower and tub. I know you’re envious. The tub doesn’t lie.

1528 Marsden Bed 2 1528 Marsden Bath 2 1528 Marsden Bed 3

Certainly no complaints regarding the other two bedrooms, with each one being beyond adequate. The .75 bath with modern tile work is also surprisingly pleasant given the state of the other one. The dual towel rack is also a nice touch.

1528 Marsden Dining:Den

1528 Marsden Studio

Additionally, you’ll find both a den in the main house that could be used as a fourth bedroom and a separate studio room to either hide from family or practice whatever craft is calling you.

1528 Marsden Porch 1528 Marsden Roof

There is also a good deal of outdoor space that includes both a covered dining area and a lovely roof-top deck to enjoy 360 degree views. Overall, a great home with a lot to offer.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213)-718-1110.

George Moreno of Keller Williams Realty, Los Feliz has the listing.

932 West Kensington Road

Another day, another home on Kensington. I’ve lost track of just how many units we’ve written up from this street. Needless to say, it’s a desirable area, and this is a particularly desirable home. Located in historic Angeleno Heights, the gorgeous 1922 Craftsman at 932 West Kensington Road hits a lot of marks directly on the nose. Maybe even some you weren’t aware of.

932 W Kensington Front

Located on an ample 7,300+ square foot lot you get this well-preserved 3 bedroom, 2 bath beauty; an adorable 1+1 Spanish style bungalow for in-laws or rent or rent from in-laws (no judging here); plus a converted studio garage–all for $949,000. There is also a very usable yard and patio with various fruit trees.

932 W Kensington Living

The main home offers a what’s what of period trappings — with beautiful hardwood floors, ornate chandeliers, bay windows with a patterned transom window, and numerous built-ins, including an extensive buffet in the dining room.

932 W Kensington Dining

You’d think we’d tire of subway tiles and wood countertops on white cabinetry, but this kitchen only bolsters our passion for it. Additionally, you’ll find an O’Keefe & Merritt stove that maintains the look of the era.

932 W Kensington Kitchen

We hope you appreciate subway tile, as this first floor bathroom extends far enough back to make it feel as though you’re heading down the halls of a Paris metro station — to use the restroom. Additional built-ins are a welcome inclusion.

932 W Kensington Bath

As the final room on the first floor, it’s free to be used as either a guest bedroom, den, or something far more imaginative.

932 W Kensington Den

You’ll find the other two not particularly large bedrooms, and second bath, upstairs. You still have to chalk one up for detailing — the floors and lamp look great.

932 W Kensington Master

932 W Kensington Bed

Heading on over to the bungalow built in 1924, it’s pretty standard fair, though there is ample yardage separating the units with some shrubbery for added privacy.

932 W Kensington Yard

Surprisingly, the inside shares many of the character traits found in the larger home, just on a smaller scale, including a lovely buffet style built-in the dining area. There is a definitely a sense here, that while it may lack the size of the front home, it doesn’t lack the quality.

932 W Kensington Income Living

Again, the kitchen layout is very similar to the front home, though tile replaces wood for the counter. It may be a one bed, one bath but this is far from a penalty box. The bedroom is cozy, but certainly not wanting of anything.

932 W Kensington Income Kitchen

932 W Kensington Income Bed

As far as conversions go, the simple layout of the studio garage is hard to argue with, especially with those skylights. Throw in a sleeper sofa and you have another extra bedroom.

932 W Kensington Studio Front 932 W Kensington Studio Inside

Finally, the crème de la crème of Southern California rarities, a full-size basement. Great as it is for storage, it could be greater still converted to something more.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or (213) 718-1110.

932 W Kensington Basement

George Moreno of Keller Williams Realty, Los Feliz has the listing.