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2150 Kent Street

From the front, our home at 2150 Kent Street looks pretty unassuming. Walking past this bungalow you may not even notice its clean, simple design. If you’re someone looking to make an immediate impression, this may not be the home for you. But for everyone else, that may be the beauty of it because once […]

1554 Lemoyne Street

When going about updating an older home–such as this 1907 California Bungalow at 1554 Lemoyne Street–to do it proper is a challenge in finding a balance between preserving the original character, while bringing what’s expected into the contemporary world. Thankfully, this place did it right. For $659,000 this 2 bedroom, 1 bath dwelling includes solar […]

1150 West Kensington Road

You know those people who seem somewhat shy and reserved on the outside, but then you get to know them better and peer within, you find they’re actually crazy, creative types? That person would probably be quite at home at 1150 West Kensington Road. As it stands, with its beige exterior and clean landscaping, our […]

1873 Lake Shore Avenue

A substantial fence and healthy canopy of foliage can work miracles toward creating that perfect urban oasis. May I present to you Exhibit A: 1873 Lake Shore Avenue. Nestled behind the aforementioned sits this recently updated 3 bed, 1.75 bath quintessential California bungalow. Coming to market at $649,000, don’t expect it to sit quietly. While […]