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June 2011 Echo Park Home Sales: Investors Scoop Up Units

June was a hot month for Eastside real estate investors, who feverishly purchased in Echo Park to add to their multi-family portfolios.  “If the numbers make sense, buy,” as the industry adage goes, and this month was exceptional. With only 2 vacant units on their de-stuccoed, reinvented property, ModOp Design outperformed the pack with their […]

Attention Architectural Collectors: Allyn E. Morris’s Sexy Silver Lake Home for Only $668,000

From CurbedLA to TheEastsider to your momma’s momma, the Mid-Century architectural gem of Allyn E. Morris at 2390 Silver Ridge Avenue, nestled along the eastern edge of Silver Lake, is getting more frenetic press than the Royal Wedding and, perhaps, rightly so. The studio and home of the architect has been carefully preserved and restored, […]

New Signage for Echo Park’s Children’s Institute

The LEED-certified, Koning Eizenberg-designed building in Echo Park grew a new addition last week: orange signage playfully displayed on its awnings. For the detailed article, click here.

April 2011 Echo Park Home Sales & Notable Properties

Single-Family Homes 333 Dawson Street, 2 + 1 ~ $165,000 1624 Allesandro Street, 2 + 1 ~ $300,000 (Short Sale) 327 N. LaFayette Park Place, 3 + 3 ~ $408,000 (REO) 2322 Vestal Avenue,  3 + 1 ~ $445,000 1552 Lemoyne Street, 2 + 1.75 ~ $532,000 1124 Echo Park Avenue, 3 + 2.5 ~ […]