The Great Echo Park CleanUp

The Great Echo Park CleanUp

It was started organically on Twitter.

I snapped a picture of graffiti scrawled on a huge billboard above Portia and Sunset Blvd.

Josh Post, an Echo Park resident and candidate for LA City Council’s CD13, chimed in, as did @Chicano_Soul.

Days later, the name for the community cleanup was born.

I conjured up the name “The Great Echo Park CleanUp” with the intention that it would become a seasonal event.

Josh Post, Odysseus Bostick, and Marietta Torriente have been instrumental in bringing the working pieces together — calling the City for supplies, rakes, trash bags — while local Echo Park shop owners have offered their support.  Cesar Diaz, co-owner of Downbeat Cafe, has offered volunteers discounted lattes the day-of, while Masa of Echo Park proudly displays a poster of the event on their front window.

Tomorrow’s event may have a small support crew of volunteers, but every hand helps.  To join, please visit the Facebook Event Page here.

When: 9 a.m. to noon, July 21, 2012

Where:  1226 N. Alvarado Steet, Los Angeles, California 90026.  Free parking on Reservoir Street.

Please bring gloves for trash pick-up, along with a smile!  You may also call or text Jovelle at (213) 718-1110 or tweet to @echoparkcool .

Credits: Kelly Erickson, for her beautiful flyers; ER Copies of Echo Park; TheEastsider & The Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce for Facebook linkage.


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