1321 Carroll Avenue

1321 Carroll Avenue

It pains me to see well-maintained, larger old homes converted into multiple units. Especially ones as gorgeously maintained as this one at 1321 Carroll Avenue.

1321 Carroll Front

Legally this is considered a duplex, with the listing notes for the home describe it as having a 2 bedroom, 1 bath unit upstairs, with a 1 bedroom unit downstairs, along with a studio and office space (most likely in the carriage house). Without having had the chance to preview it, we can’t say for sure.

1321 Carroll Side

While not a fan of turning a Painted Lady into a multi-unit income property, they’ve been able to make each unit unique with its own set of characteristics.

1321 Carroll back

All of this can be yours for $1,225,000. Plus you’ll get to boast to your friends about owning a home down the street from Don Draper’s childhood (er, bordello) home. The photos are a bit out of order, so this is the best interpretation of what each unit is.

1321 Carroll unit 1 living

Bottom floor is this 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit. The space is clean and simple. The hardwood floors, dark wood frame around the window, pocket door to the bedroom, and small touch of stained glass really give it a warm period feel.

1321 Carroll unit 1 kitchen 1321 Carroll unit 1 bed 1321 Carroll unit 1 bath

Upstairs is a completely different creature. From the best I can assess, the largest and most glamorous unit is the 2 bedroom, 1 bath space that takes up the second story of the front of the house, along with a part of the back.

1321 Carroll unit 3 kitchen

Downstairs you’ll find the large, super Victorian kitchen with a grand living area and a lot of light.

1321 Carroll unit 3 studio

Upstairs you’ll find an equally spacious Victorian sitting room. Add a few taxidermied animals and you’re set.

1321 Carroll unit 2 living

The kitchen and living spaces are stunning, the bedrooms could use some work, or maybe it’s just the bad carpet and lack of proper staging.

1321 Carroll unit 2 master1321 Carroll unit 2 bed 1321 Carroll unit 2 bath

The studio space looks like a downtown loft minus windows, or views, but we do dig the brick, subway tile and generally contemporary look of it.

1321 Carroll studio 2 1321 Carroll kitchen 1321 Carroll bath 3

For a bonus part of the garage has been turned into an office as well.

1321 Carroll office

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at jovelle@jovelle.com or call (213) 718-1110.

Sebastian Stofenmacher of Edgestone Real Estate, Inc. has the listing.


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