1926 Whitmore Avenue

1926 Whitmore Avenue

It’s a strange dilemma to live on a property where both the main home and guest home are similar in size (cozy) and aesthetic (modern). What does one do? Do you just live in both and pick which kitchen you want to have dinner in for the night? Do you rent one out? But then you actually have to decide which unit you prefer. Thankfully, you really won’t go wrong with either here.

1926 whitmore exterior

For the small introductory Echo Park price of $629,000 you get two small homes from architect Leigh Jerrard. And while the homes were originally built in 1922, so much has been done to them they may as well be new. In addition to the wonderful maple hardwood floors and large decks, you also have a new roof, plumbing, custom cabinetry, and HVAC, along with high-end appliances and fixtures.

1926 whitmore kitchen 2 1926 whitmore living 1.5

Of the two homes, this first one definitely has a more Scandinavian modern feel to it than the other.  While the vaulted ceiling opens up an otherwise smaller living space, the exposed beams do a nice job of adding some texture and warmth.

1926 Whitmore living 11926 Whitmore dining

Light pours in from every direction, which also helps improve the feeling of space. Is it just me or is anyone else getting a major craving for Swedish meatballs and FroYo?

1926 whitmore bath 2 1926 whitmore bed 2

If I had to choose between this main home, or the guest home — I’d take the guest. While smaller and darker, there is a certain je ne sais quoi and the lower wood ceiling creates a warmth that I find lacking in the other house.

1926 whitmore living 2

There is also a bit more of a mid-century cabin-ish vibe happening here as well. If the first home is Sweden in summer, this one is Sweden in winter. Does that even make sense?

1926 whitmore kitchen 1926 whitmore bed

1926 whitmore bath

Regardless of my strange musings, both homes offer big character in tiny boxes. It’s up to you to decide which character you prefer more.

1926 Whitmore porch

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at jovelle@jovelle.com or call (213) 718-1110.

Michael Locke of Deasy Penner & Partners has the listing



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