1417 Kellam Avenue

Pool view w: carriage house

You know you’ve made it in Echo Park when you can afford a stately home in Angeleno Heights.  This thing of beauty, 1417 Kellam Avenue, hit the market for a cool $1.495M.  The main house, an elegant 1907-built Craftsman, is complemented by a lovely 1887-built Victorian carriage house, and further beautified by a 2008-built lap pool.

Let’s take a look inside 2,767 square feet.

Front House exterior

The main 3-bedroom house looks rather modest at first, removed of its prior stucco gory in 2008 and restored to show that wooded siding glory beneath.  Upon entering the home, a formal foyer greets visitors.


On stage left, a decorator’s living room awaits, with a clear view of the pool.

Living Room

The formal dining room, on the opposite side, is large enough to feed your hungry dinner guests — with simple Wrightian windows to let in natural light.

Dining Room

Steps beyond, the kitchen has been updated to include bar-style seating, a Wolf range, and plenty of stainless steel countertops on which to prep.


Kitchen counters

Upstairs, all 3 bedrooms are adequately sized.

Master Bedroom

The master has a generous walk-in closet.

For those with both narcissism and a penchant for clawfoot tubs, this mirrored and sky-lit bathroom sure hits the spot.

Master Bathroom

The 2nd bedroom, below, has all the trappings you’d expect in a Craftsman.

2nd Bedroom

The 3rd bedroom, styled as an office, has French doors that open up to a large deck.

3rd Bedroom

Both Downtown LA skyline and sunset views arrive daily from this 2nd floor perch.

2nd Floor Deck

And, lastly, let’s not forget about the gorgeous Victorian carriage house — the structure entitled Historic-Cultural Monument No. 166 and declared so in 1979 by the City of LA.  It was once used by co-owner and co-developer of Angeleno Heights, Everett E. Hall.

Night view - Carriage house

Though no professional photos exist of the carriage home’s interior, a description should suffice.  The 1st floor boasts a small den with a built-in bookcase.  A full bathroom, with another side entrance to the pool area, is perfect for guests who lounge and suntan during those sunny L.A days.  On the 2nd floor of this steepled structure, you’ll find a generously-sized bedroom loft and another full bathroom.  Exposed white siding makes the space feel a little heavenly.

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HCM No. 166 Carriage House

The City of LA’s photo of Historic-Cultural Monument No. 166

Aaron Kirman of John Aaroe Group has the listing.

2047 Lake Shore Avenue

The idea of an income-generating duplex is often more enticing than the reality. While it would be great to live in one place while making money off another — there are often certain concessions that come along with it — but 2047 Lake Shore Avenue makes for a compelling case.

2047 Lakeshore front

For $849,000 – an average sum for an Elysian Heights home these days – you get a charming 2 bedroom, 1 bath Spanish-style bungalow in front, along with a garage that’s been converted into a studio space, plus a 1 bedroom, 1 bath studio that’s completely separate from the main house.

2047 Lakeshore living

Original 1920s charm can be found all over the front home, and recent updates tastefully blend in with the hardwood floors and built-in cabinets.

2047 Lakeshore dining 2047 Lakeshore kitchen

While not huge, the rooms are all comfortably sized and well-appointed. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and the farm house sink we’ve come to expect.  Additionally, the bedrooms and bath offer plenty of space.

2047 Lakeshore master 2047 Lakeshore bed

2047 Lakeshore bath

The terraced space out back offers multiple options for outdoor entertaining, while also serving as a comfortable buffer between the main house and studio.

2047 Lakeshore yard

The studio (pictured above) is far from being a penalty box, offering both privacy and better views.  While there’s no interior photo of said studio, it’s amazing in person.  It is spacious, with high ceilings, and would make the perfect home office or den.

2047 Lakeshore yard 2

Above the terraced sitting area, you’ll find the 1+1 unit.

2047 Lakeshore studio front

Inside you’ll find a smaller living and dining area, but charm from the original home carries over.

2047 Lakeshore studio living 2047 lakeshore studio kitchen

Theoretically, if this were going to be for an in-law, they wouldn’t have much reason to be mad with you.  All that’s missing is central or dual-split A/C to make them comfy.

2047 Lakeshore studio bed 2047 Lakeshore studio bath

Between a well-appointed front home, a converted garage/studio, plenty of usable outdoor space, and a charming 1+1 there is much to like about 2047 Lake Shore Avenue.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Sarah Pearson of Teles Properties, Inc. has the listing.

1321 Carroll Avenue

It pains me to see well-maintained, larger old homes converted into multiple units. Especially ones as gorgeously maintained as this one at 1321 Carroll Avenue.

1321 Carroll Front

Legally this is considered a duplex, with the listing notes for the home describe it as having a 2 bedroom, 1 bath unit upstairs, with a 1 bedroom unit downstairs, along with a studio and office space (most likely in the carriage house). Without having had the chance to preview it, we can’t say for sure.

1321 Carroll Side

While not a fan of turning a Painted Lady into a multi-unit income property, they’ve been able to make each unit unique with its own set of characteristics.

1321 Carroll back

All of this can be yours for $1,225,000. Plus you’ll get to boast to your friends about owning a home down the street from Don Draper’s childhood (er, bordello) home. The photos are a bit out of order, so this is the best interpretation of what each unit is.

1321 Carroll unit 1 living

Bottom floor is this 1 bedroom, 1 bath unit. The space is clean and simple. The hardwood floors, dark wood frame around the window, pocket door to the bedroom, and small touch of stained glass really give it a warm period feel.

1321 Carroll unit 1 kitchen 1321 Carroll unit 1 bed 1321 Carroll unit 1 bath

Upstairs is a completely different creature. From the best I can assess, the largest and most glamorous unit is the 2 bedroom, 1 bath space that takes up the second story of the front of the house, along with a part of the back.

1321 Carroll unit 3 kitchen

Downstairs you’ll find the large, super Victorian kitchen with a grand living area and a lot of light.

1321 Carroll unit 3 studio

Upstairs you’ll find an equally spacious Victorian sitting room. Add a few taxidermied animals and you’re set.

1321 Carroll unit 2 living

The kitchen and living spaces are stunning, the bedrooms could use some work, or maybe it’s just the bad carpet and lack of proper staging.

1321 Carroll unit 2 master1321 Carroll unit 2 bed 1321 Carroll unit 2 bath

The studio space looks like a downtown loft minus windows, or views, but we do dig the brick, subway tile and generally contemporary look of it.

1321 Carroll studio 2 1321 Carroll kitchen 1321 Carroll bath 3

For a bonus part of the garage has been turned into an office as well.

1321 Carroll office

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Sebastian Stofenmacher of Edgestone Real Estate, Inc. has the listing.


1742 Kent Street

Sometimes you tour a home and just know it’s going to be hot. This is one of those homes. Sure the list price for this 2 bedroom, 2 bath + bonus studio and bath lists for $849,000, but we’d bet good money this hits six figures.

1742 Kent Front

Originally built in 1933, updated Spanish-style homes rarely come together quite as well as this. And, with just under 1,600 square feet (not including said bonus studio), you have plenty of living space.

1742 Kent Living

The peg-and-groove hardwood floors throughout the home are original, and recently refinished.

1742 Kent Dining

For a home of this size, the kitchen is rather spacious with details that include a Wolf range, subway tile, and plenty of cabinetry.

1742 Kent Kitchen

If we’re honest, we probably spend an inordinate amount of time in our bathrooms, so it’s important to find one you’ll truly enjoy. Thankfully, with bathrooms with a double shower head in the master and Carrara marble, we’re guessing that won’t be a problem. A mini fridge could do wonders.

1742 Kent Bath

1742 Kent Master Bath

We’re happy to report that like other rooms throughout this home, the bedrooms are more than comfortable for their size.

1742 Kent Master 1742 Kent Den

As with seemingly every home we feature, there is a converted, detached something or other. In this case, it’s a tastefully modern additional bedroom and bath with polished cement floor.

1742 Kent Bonus

Beyond indoor space, there is a lovely yard outback with large mature fauna and a 3-car garage to free you from parallel parking anxiety.

1742 Kent yard 1742 Kent Garage

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Sally Foster Jones of John Aaroe Group has the listing.

1609 Scott Street

If you enjoy living alone and are looking to own a stylish home, by all means check out the beautifully updated Echo Park bungalow at 1609 Scott Street.

1609 Scott Front

While its exterior may give away its period 1924 character, inside is a whole different story. With 1 bedroom, one and a half baths and an asking price of $599,000, it better bring something significant to the table–and, it delivers.

1609 Scott Living

Though dark hardwood floors tend to make a space look smaller, the numerous windows and vaulted ceilings make for a perfect counter balance. Sure, nobody will mistake this space for grandiose, but your neurotic claustrophobic friend should feel at ease.

1609 Scott Kitchen

If they don’t, send them to the well-appointed kitchen for a drink. With nonporous countertops, stainless steel everything and plenty of cabinet space, finding a glass for their cocktail will help distract them.

1609 Scott Bed

The bedroom is more than adequate with plenty room for large furniture. But you say you are a fashionista and no amount of dresser space will hold that which you cherish? Well, amongst that 850 square feet of home, is this abundant walk-in closet. BOOM.

1609 Scott closet

The half bathroom makes the term “water closet” seem large, but the full bathroom is rather nicely appointed with clean fixtures and room to…think.

1609 Scott Bath 1

Space has been used to almost Scandinavian efficiency, so you won’t find the washer-and- dryer hidden in the kitchen, but in its own mud room-ish space, with is conveniently located by the “yard.”

1609 Scott Laundry

Okay, so yard might not be a but of an exaggeration, but there is a private outdoor space large enough for a nice dinner or meditation or what not. You get the idea.

1609 Scott Yard

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at or call (213) 718-1110.

Alyssa Valentine & Courtney Smith of Nourmand & Associates have the listing.