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1417 Kellam Avenue

You know you’ve made it in Echo Park when you can afford a stately home in Angeleno Heights.  This thing of beauty, 1417 Kellam Avenue, hit the market for a cool $1.495M.  The main house, an elegant 1907-built Craftsman, is complemented by a lovely 1887-built Victorian carriage house, and further beautified by a 2008-built lap […]

1321 Carroll Avenue

It pains me to see well-maintained, larger old homes converted into multiple units. Especially ones as gorgeously maintained as this one at 1321 Carroll Avenue. Legally this is considered a duplex, with the listing notes for the home describe it as having a 2 bedroom, 1 bath unit upstairs, with a 1 bedroom unit downstairs, along with a studio […]

1072 West Edgeware, 1466 Wallace

The best analogy I can make regarding 1072 West Edgeware Road & 1466 Wallace Avenue, is that it’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too–only to realize–there is another, completely different cake right next to it. Calories be damned — here are two, thoroughly unique dwellings, being sold together. At just shy […]

1438 Mohawk Street

Welcome to 1438 Mohawk Street which, moving forward, shall be referred to only as the Echo Park Cool Dream Home (EPCDH for short?). If Barbie gets one, then so do we. Why this particular home, you may ask? That will make itself clear soon enough, but first let’s get some numbers out of the way […]