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Echo Park’s Triangle Plaza

Look out, Silver Lake!  Echo Park can one-up your green polka-dotted Triangle Plaza with something better — er, a roof top deck, cafe, and restaurant bathed in industrial steel chic by architectural rock stars, Spacecraft (of vaudeville theater-cum-Mohawk Bend gastropub fame, to name a few). The new development at 1340 Glendale and Montana is actively […]

Echo Garden

A lush botanical wonder in our collective urban sprawl, the Echo Garden at 1901 Echo Park Avenue, is a family-run business that will quietly delight and entertain.  Get lost in their collection of succulents, herbs, vegetables, rare flowers, and fruit trees.  Their Yelp reviews are absolutely glowing!

The Great Echo Park CleanUp

It was started organically on Twitter. I snapped a picture of graffiti scrawled on a huge billboard above Portia and Sunset Blvd. Josh Post, an Echo Park resident and candidate for LA City Council’s CD13, chimed in, as did @Chicano_Soul. Days later, the name for the community cleanup was born. I conjured up the name […]

Echo Park Mural Touch-Up

   The mural flanking the 1500 block of Colton in Echo Park’s Hi-Fi recently received a fresh re-do, or undo. Street artist Marka27’s graffiti art — showcasing a line-up of militant farm workers, George Washington in chains, a somber Cesar Chavez, and homage to one of Diego Rivera’s vendadora paintings — had previously been covered […]