Gangs in Echo Park? A Compendium to the New Pocket Park

Gangs in Echo Park? A Compendium to the New Pocket Park

I may well be the female companion to the Geico Caveman.  There’s a Rockwood gang Echo Park-adjacent? And, better yet, they have their own MySpace page?!

A work function kept me away from the recent Community Meeting, notice given from the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks via fliers on Echo Park doors 24 hours before the 4/20 (yes, I know) 5:30 pm event.  I only drove by to see a group of local denizens as they fulfilled their civic duties.  A pleasant conversation with Melinda Gejer the following day educated me on these matters:

  • The top 3 (of 10 proposed) names for the pocket community park is as follows:

1.  Rockwood Park

2.  Bienvenidos Mabuhay Park

3.  Colton Park

  • Option no. 1.  City officials, especially local police, are leery of Rockwood Park as a name, as it belongs to a local gang.  The gang may demarcate/reclaim the park as their own, while rival gangs would have graffiti fun with the signage.   The kind folks at the Bureau of Engineering would work repeatedly if it got tagged.
  • Option no. 2. “Welcome” in both Spanish and Tagalog, is supported by the local neighborhood council.  I’m taking a wild guess that a rep from the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council was in attendance. The translated “Welcome Welcome” Park, does not resonate with me, but the joint Hispanic-HiFi reference does.
  • Option no. 3.  A neighboring street bears the name Colton, so it is neither gang-related nor a non-double negative.

Feedback from local citizens and those on an interested parties list are appreciated.  Ultimately, the park’s namesake is in the hands of the Board of Commissioners.  A name will be be bestowed on the Echo Park pocket park sometime in June.

If you’re interested in being on that list, or have recommendations, send me a note at .

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