Medicine Man Dispensary, Echo Park

Medicine Man Dispensary, Echo Park

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  1. I live right behind the weed shop, and would be much happier if they relocated ASAP. The neighborhood has enough gang problems as is, dropping in a weed store only makes things more intense for those of us who live there. I really feel sorry for the folks at Tribal Cafe. They’ve worked hard to try and improve the neighborhood and have been increasingly successful. Medicine Man is a major step backwards for the neighborhood.

    • Jovelle Narcise says

      Hi Debbie: It’s unfortunate to have the dispensary so close to your home. Although the recent influx of businesses into Echo Park helps our local economy, it also brings a mix of retailers and, arguably, unwanted products into our neighborhood. There are those who legitimately need the dispensary, while there are others who abuse the system. Echo Park is definitely experiencing its share of growing pains, but I do believe positive change is forthcoming.

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