Lotus Festival 2011, Underwhelming*

Lotus Festival 2011, Underwhelming*

No lotuses, dragon boat race, or fireworks?  Such was the state of affairs for this weekend’s 33rd Annual Lotus Festival.  It was a paired-down, low-key weekend event, with limited booths, attendance, and fanfare.  Sadly, happy hour at Taix felt rowdier than this weekend’s festivities. The Militant Angeleno concurs.

Tomorrow, Echo Park Lake will officially be closed for a 2-year rehabilitation program, featured below.

Keep your fingers crossed for the return of the Lotus Festival in 2013.

*Editor’s Note:  A sincere apology for the last article and various inquires regarding this year’s fireworks.  A good friend hosts an annual Lotus Festival Party and, at around 9 pm, I had to inform guests that there were none to behold.

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