Our Sunia Adventure Continues – 3248 Descanso Drive

Our Sunia Adventure Continues – 3248 Descanso Drive

It goes without saying that we’ve come to expect sequels to be bigger than their origin story. People want more of whatever it was that made the first one so enjoyable. In the case of Sunia Homes, it means more of their sleek, modern design and eco-minded efficiency that landed them on the Dwell on Design Tour back in 2012. For their follow-up, Jerome Pelayo decided to go the “Back to the Future” route and design 2 homes back-to-back, side-by-side. Yesterday we explored 3244 Descanso, so today it’s 3248 Descanso Drive.

3248 Descanso Front

It’s obvious that while each home has a unique look, they both share a similar aesthetic — poured concrete, simple emblematic Sunia Home windows, and a pop of wood for warmth and color. They also share like-minded environmental bones with solar panels, rainwater harvesting, energy monitoring, and more. This one even has an EV charger.

3248 Descanso Living

At 1,840 sq/ft this unit is slightly smaller than its sister building, which is reflected in the $979,000 asking price. Even so, it still offers plenty of space with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths on 3 floors — each with a balcony offering DTLA and Silver Lake treetop views.

3248 Descanso Balcony

The kitchen buzzes with sharp simplicity, playful teal cabinets, and comes ready with Bosch stainless steel appliances and teak cabinetry.

3248 Descanso Kitchen

The en suite master bedroom takes up the entire top floor, which allows for a sizable separate den space.

3248 Descanso Master 3248 Descanso Bath

In an age where privacy is prized, you’ll be happy to know that the guest bedrooms are located below the living and dining area, providing a nice buffer between them and the master suite.

3248 Descanso Bed

And, finally, in addition to the 3 balconies, there is also a porch, and a separate landing located in the upper portion of the  yard.  With a few trees (drought tolerant, of course) and some time, you’ll have your own private oasis for al fresco entertaining and relaxing.

3248 Descanso Deck 3248 Descanso Yard

If the judgement of a good sequel comes down to offering something similar enough to the first to bring people back, yet different enough to keep them entertained, I’d say both these homes should be considered a success.

For a private showing, please contact Jovelle Schaffer at jovelle@jovelle.com or call (213) 718-1110.

Daniel R. Ortega of Sotheby’s International Realty has the listing.


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