Ready, Set… Broker Caravan!

Ready, Set… Broker Caravan!

(pictured above: the exclusive, glossy MLS guide for Brokers only)

Every Tuesday from 11 am to 2 pm, the Eastside Los Angeles real estate community is in a frenzied spell, and rightly so:  it’s Tuesday Caravan Day!  Newly-minted homes listed on the MLS as “active” open their doors to realtors from all brokerages… and the lucky passerby who leisurely have Tuesdays off.  If you’re a writer-producer-trustafundian-homemaker-entrepreneur with motivation and a specific home in mind, this day is also yours.

Broker Caravan serves as an exclusive preview of the weekly real estate inventory, homes that have just come on the market or are newly reduced in price.  As the name implies, a caravan — ensconced in Porsche, Benz, BMW, the inveterate Prius, in lieu of camels and elephants — encourages us within the community to take a peek at homes.  If you spot a sleek European sled meandering through the Hollywood Hills, Mt. Washington or the Moreno Highlands of Silver Lake, it’s most likely a vehicle full of  real estate agents with several purposes in mind:

(1) sign the guest registry, (2) walk about the house with discriminating tastes, (3) nibble on lunch, (4) socialize with other agents, (5) appraise the market value of the home and, (6)  ideally, make the call and set the appointment to have a client take a private tour of the home shortly after.

Each home visit takes 10 to 15 minutes.  After 3 hours of open houses and traversing the Eastside, exhaustion creeps in.  There are Tuesdays when the inventory is slim, while there are other unexpected days where 3 of 10 homes shine out of the pack — in price, fit and finish, desirability.  Those are the days I delight in, and the ones that end with a phone call.

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