Select Solds From 2018

Select Solds From 2018

2018 continued to be a stellar year for residential real estate sales in Los Angeles.

I helped clients buy and sell a collective $8M+ in real estate, spanning neighborhoods as diverse as Echo Park, Silver Lake, Mid-City, Atwater Village, Koreatown, Hermon, and El Sereno.

Most clients leveraged up, selling their first-time purchases and using their net proceeds to buy larger homes, or relocate to different neighborhoods entirely. New career opportunities, better schools, and easier commutes to work all contributed to their decisions.

A handful of Sellers decided it was time to cash out on years and, in one case, decades of home appreciation.

If you’re curious about 2019, either as a Seller or Buyer, feel free to call me at (213) 718-1110 to discuss your options. I’d be delighted to help you navigate market trends, introduce you to up-and-coming neighborhoods, and locate investment opportunities.

Luis, a Seller from Atwater Village, summed up our working relationship with the following:

“In June 2018 our family Trust was looking for someone to deliver results. After the passing of our beloved father the family made a decision to sell his LA property. We were aware of a million-dollar sale (by Jovelle) of another property in the neighborhood. We reached out to Jovelle to help us prepare, list and quickly sell the property. Her expertise through each and every phase guided the family to a very satisfactory result. If you are looking for results, I would whole heartedly recommend Jovelle Schaffer.”  (Bonus… very punctual with phone calls and appointments.)

About Jovelle Schaffer

Echo Park native and real estate agent who loves to cook, imbibe, and write about Los Angeles real estate, community, revitalization.