Sunset Beer Company Arrives in Echo Park

Sunset Beer Company Arrives in Echo Park

Lucky for us, LA’s first all-beer retail shop and tasting bar is tucked at the corner of a non-descript, ubiquitous mini-mart in Echo Park.  A visit can make the palate salivate over local artisanal beers — Eagle Rock Brewery, Pasadena’s Craftsman Brewery — along with a variety of exotic, trusted Belgian ales from Europe and around the country.

For those who need rare craft beers by the bottle and on tap, and would love to bring in a snack and/or dinner of your choosing, try Sunset Beer Company.  It’s less fevered hype than the bustling Mohawk Bend and provides the neighborhood Cheers feel.

Better yet, BYOF.  Yep, bring your own food!  Sunset Beer Co.’s license prohibits the sale of food, so guests are free to order take out from Two Boots Pizza (or any other local Echo Park eatery that delivers) or a yummy burger down the corner at Patra’s while they sip on an Chimay Blue or Unibroue Terrible.

The space is artfully divided into 2 – an area to browse the bottled beer selection, another with beer taps and a knowledgeable beer sommelier to guide you through a selection of yeasty, hoppy treats.

After paying a nominal corkage fee or purchasing a beer on tap, sit along the L-shaped booth and parlour-style chairs and relax.

Stylish artwork pieces decorate the walls, all of which can be purchased.

Sunset Beer Co.

1498 Sunset Blvd, #3

(213) 481-2337

Useful Tip:  Closed Mondays.

For the haughty, refined palate, you can write your suggestions on the Sunset Beer Co. list, and they’ll try to accommodate your request.  Hello, pumpkin beer season!

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