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1150 West Kensington Road

You know those people who seem somewhat shy and reserved on the outside, but then you get to know them better and peer within, you find they’re actually crazy, creative types? That person would probably be quite at home at 1150 West Kensington Road. As it stands, with its beige exterior and clean landscaping, our […]

932 West Kensington Road

Another day, another home on Kensington. I’ve lost track of just how many units we’ve written up from this street. Needless to say, it’s a desirable area, and this is a particularly desirable home. Located in historic Angeleno Heights, the gorgeous 1922 Craftsman at 932 West Kensington Road hits a lot of marks directly on […]

1023 West Kensington Road

From the sidewalk you may wonder why this lovely Craftsman at 1023 West Kensington Road is asking almost $1.2MM. It will most likely sell for even higher. While it looks to be gorgeously maintained, it also seems a bit modest. That is, until you realize just how deceptively cavernous and beautifully detailed this home truly […]

Barbara Bestor Architectural — 1506 Allison Avenue

Whenever I travel outside the country, one of my favorite treats to find are Kinder Eggs. Banned in the U.S., these innocuous chocolate eggs hide a surprise toy inside, and make great gifts for anyone back home. The residence at 1506 Allison Avenue, re-imagined by renowned Los Angeles architect Barbara Bestor, brings to mind those […]