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847 & 849 East Kensington Road

Having just written about 1072 West Edgeware Road, a parcel with two large properties on it, we find ourselves — yet again — at another property, 847 & 849 East Kensington Road, also with two substantial units for the price of one. Located in Angeleno Heights, both of these homes have recently received a thorough […]

1072 West Edgeware, 1466 Wallace

The best analogy I can make regarding 1072 West Edgeware Road & 1466 Wallace Avenue, is that it’s kind of like having your cake and eating it too–only to realize–there is another, completely different cake right next to it. Calories be damned — here are two, thoroughly unique dwellings, being sold together. At just shy […]

946 East Edgeware, 2155 Reservoir

We’re going to cut some fat out today and go straight for the lean meat by quickly covering two investment properties that would both be excellent for either an owner-occupier, or someone looking to get into the property game for the first time (or both). Our first home is a 1917 Craftsman triplex on the […]

839 East Kensington Road

Bite me off a big ol’ home slice of Americana with this 1905-built Angeleno Heights Queen Anne, which looks as much at home in Echo Park as it would on Main Street USA, white picket fence and all. A home must have much to offer to ask nearly a million dollars (in this case, $959,000) […]