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1661 Cortez

The term cozy may not do this tiny California Bungalow, located in Echo Park’s Historic Filipinotown (or Hi-Fi, as the locals call it) justice. Though, what it lacks in size (a bantamweight 575 sq/ft), this 2 bedroom, 1 bath home more than makes up for in character and, at $389,000, it’s a great condo alternative […]

Echo Park Mural Touch-Up

   The mural flanking the 1500 block of Colton in Echo Park’s Hi-Fi recently received a fresh re-do, or undo. Street artist Marka27’s graffiti art — showcasing a line-up of militant farm workers, George Washington in chains, a somber Cesar Chavez, and homage to one of Diego Rivera’s vendadora paintings — had previously been covered […]