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331 North Crane Blvd.

Today we’re doing something different and venturing across the river and into super hot Mt. Washington. Before you get up in arms, there is a reason for such madness, as 331 North Crane Blvd. was designed by Anonymous Architects’ Simon Storey of Echo Park, who was recently named one of the Emerging Architects of 2014 […]

1416 Fairbanks – Eel’s Nest

If you drove down Fairbanks Place off Scott Avenue in Echo Park, you’d stop pensively and ask yourself (à la HGTV’s namesake) “What’s with that house?” Envisioned by Anonymous Architects’ own Simon Storey and perfectly named Eel’s Nest, the grey, bony townhouse frame  rises on a lot size of just 728 square feet.  It houses […]