You Had Me At “Dork.” A Mohawk Bend Review.

You Had Me At “Dork.” A Mohawk Bend Review.

A lot of wait and praise have been given to Mohawk Bend, master brainchild of Amy and Tony Yanow, who’ve forged ahead and given Echo Park denizens a new place to wine, dine, and experiment (72 craft beer taps, to be exact).

I found myself dining on several delectable, mouth-watering dishes 2 times within a week, once last Thursday and another Sunday night, betwixt tatted and hirsute hipsters, aspiring actors, and that skinny vegan girl-next-door.

The Ramona Room, anchored by 2 towering potted ficus trees, proved ideal for a romantic Thursday for 2, while the bar (flanking a Woodstone oven) suited for a more social, elbow-rubbing bustling Sunday night with the locals.

While their site offers an abundance of descriptive menus, consider the following for your discriminating palate:

  • Spanish Stuffed Dates:  The perfect marriage of sweet and savory, a bite of this left me wondrous.  The date is stuffed with goat cheese, only to be enveloped and made whole with… you guessed it, bacon!  Served on tiny skewers, an order of this may convince you to flag down the waitstaff for a 2nd.
  • The “Dork” (Sandwich):  A creative gastronomic blend of duck + pork.  The name alone makes me guffaw, and I admire any gastropub that can combine both meats with aioli, then pair it with apples.  Served on a light, homemade English muffin.
  • Fire Station 20:  A bit pricey at $12 (compared to tasty beers at half the price), the hibiscus liqueur and lime juice will dance around your mouth.  A $1 of the proceeds benefit a local fire station.  It pairs well with firemen, I’d imagine.
  • Fish & Chips:  Bar food wouldn’t be complete without it, except this one’s battered in IPA.  Definitely worth sharing, since all the cod pieces were hearty.
  • Carlsbad Mussels:   I had to Google “vadouvan” before ordering (read: Indo-French exotic spice), but these savory shellfish complemented a friend’s Judgement Day Belgian quite well.  Dunk the bread in its juices, and let it swim.

Overall, a tasty excursion.


The smart architecture and scale of the space, once a vaudeville theater, will leave you breathless.  Red, tufted bar stools; check.  Exposed brick; check.  Long communal tables; check.  I’m a design fan of the bathrooms, creatively done in laminated plywood.   A quick trip to the powder room is a must.


Oh, parking.  There’s valet, which I find both equal-parts appealing and appalling in Echo Park.  Arrive shortly after work to take advantage of metered parking on Sunset Blvd.

Mohawk Bend is open Tuesday thru Sunday, after 5 pm.

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